Who would have thought that the most satisfying solo work from the Walkmen split would be Walter Martin? This isn’t a slight against him. He seems lovely. It’s actually a slight on bass players. Bassists are like the kids in high school that eat glue and anything they can rip out of their nostrils (they’re weird in other words).  If someone had asked me to describe what I thought a Walter Martin solo album would have sounded like a few years back, I would have described something akin to a whale passing gas, only with more low end.

I’ve been really happy to be proven wrong (I’m wrong about 98% of the time, but I still like seeing proof). Martin’s solo music is fun, and funny, and instrumentally timeless in a way that I didn’t expect (I suspect that the fact that he’s actually a multi-instrumentalist and not a pure bass player is at the heart of this). The video above nails down his whole post-Walkmen vibe, adding a healthy dollop of Russian hipsterdom for good measure. I love it.