My name is Salvatore Ciolfi. It is not a great name.

Ciolfi, I’ve discovered, is difficult to pronounce, turning confident North Americans into mush-mouthed mumblers. Salvatore, meanwhile, means “savior” in Italian. That’s right. My parents named me savior (If every Candy grows up to be a stripper, what happens to all the Salvatores of the world? Are we doomed to live with messianic tendencies?).

For more than ten years, I have worked as a writer and translator. I was once a contributing editor at Maisonneuve Magazine, where I wrote features about sexsomnia, Cash4Gold, copy writing in the porn industry and Nespresso (among other seemingly unrelated topics). I’ve also written for Reader’s Digest, the Montreal Gazette, the Montreal Mirror, the Ottawa Citizen, Cult Montreal, and McGill News, among others.